““Ingenious… (Austin Pendlelton’s Claudius) is more convincing than any performance I can recall. "”
-  DJR Bruckner, The New York Times
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Some Audience Testimony!

We love to remain engaged with our audience members.  Here is what some have to say:

Much Ado About Nothing

These unsolicited comments came from our Guests who are clients at Greenwich House Senior Center.

“My guest and I were so grateful to be guests at Much Ado About Nothing. Our favorite was David Elyha as Dogberry – his “I am an ass” was hilarious and had us in stitches every time. Lenny Ciotti’s Benedick was a standout for us as well – a touching and funny performance. We enjoyed David Personne’s beautiful songs very much – they felt like a nice homage to the Elizabethan Lute song. We liked the intimate setting too.”

“It was a charming production of Much Ado and more importantly the entire audience was a fan of Shakespeare, and the vibe in the room was so positive and welcoming, makes a huge difference. I was entranced by Vivien Landau who plays Leonata, what a force! I felt like I was in the presence of theatre royalty. Will definitely keep my eyes open for her in the future. Also enjoyed tremendously David Elyha who plays Dogberry. Other performers that had good moments for me were Amy Frances Quint who plays Beatrice, Lenny Ciotti who plays Benedick, and Jamar Brathwaite who plays Conrade.”

“In Hamlet’s famous “speak the speech I pray you as I pronounced it to you…” Shakespeare hilariously itemizes what it takes for an actor to convincingly portray a relatable human being onstage through a dramatist’s words ; nothing has since changed. In Frog & Peach Theatre Company’s Lynnea Benson’s capable and enthusiastic hands, Much Ado About Nothing accomplishes this through the charm of its minimalist production (actors dressed in beguiling 70’s garb and a singular onstage bench) highlighting Shakespeare’s language and it’s illumination of character–exactly what the Bard himself wished– through it’s fine ensemble of delightfully charming and committed actors (18 in all). The Dogberry scene, typically a tad embarrassing in more highly wrought productions, takes on a memorable warmth and humanity through David Elyria’s comic intensity. Everyone has an opportunity to shine and shine they do. Hasten thee thither!”



This review was written by an audience member who discovered Frog & Peach through our friends at the Lenox Hill Senior Center, and is a welcome participant in our Free Ticket subsidy:

Witty, urbane, and well- traveled, Yaffa has been coming to our shows since 2010, and is one of our toughest critics. Her approbation means a great deal to us.

“The Frog and Peach Theatre’s current production of Hamlet is like no other I have seen before, and I have seen many–among them Richard Burton on Broadway.

In this Hamlet, the language is delivered with Shakespeare’s full meaning and strength. Never before have I understood the story with all its complexity and horror, or identified the characters, with such clarity.

A memorable evening!”

— Yaffa Schlesinger


Measure for Measure

These unsolicited comments came from our friends at the Lenox Hill Senior Center. For some, English is a second language!

“Truth, Justice, Virtue — powerful words that characterize this amazing performance. A Shakespeare play with classical language carrying condensed meaning and wisdom while the simple storyline and eloquent performance made the show memorable. I was amazed by the outstanding performance of Isabella and the Duke, their beautiful costumes, the simple stage set up in this authentic theatre — that perfectly fit for the show. I enjoyed this ancient, funny story with a cathartic happy ending; a deeply engaging two hours that seemed like a minute to pass.”

“I saw the Friday night showing of Measure For Measure on April 26th. Shakespearean plays are my favorite so I was familiar with the story prior to watching. I thought the Frog & Peach performers were superb with their performances. I was especially delighted in the set and costume designing. It was a great performance and I’m excited about seeing more productions from Frog & Peach! The performers truly become the characters, keeping the attention from every in the audience whether you are a Shakespeare fan or not! Bravo!”

“A colorful production, colorful in sight and sound. Before a sound of one word, the costumes announced that this was a comedy promising and delivering great fun.”

“The story itself of Vienna’s legal system and the death penalty for getting a woman pregnant, is a joke. The pregnant woman comes out screaming about her lover’s death penalty, and her crying makes the audience laugh out loud. The corrupt judges and their pursuit of justice makes the comedy relevant for all time and every place. Its about authority and justice, sex and legal marriage, Shakespeare was not afraid of vulgarity.”

“Should a sister give up her virginity to save the life of her brother?  The brother thinks that his life is worth living, whatever it takes, the sister is outraged.
The solution is what the comedy is all about. There are virgins and whores, villains and pious women, ironies and reversals, justice and mercy.”

“This was a bold production introduced by contemporary American jazz, updating Shakespeare and allowing imagination a free hand.”

“Ultimately the place of theater is to entertain. This was a wonderful entertainment when the greatest punishment the Duke can impose, worse than whipping, worse than death, is marrying a whore with whom one fathered a child.”

“Shakespeare would have been pleased.”