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Productions : Much Ado About Nothing: Fall 09
on 2009/10/1 14:00:00 (781 reads)


Directed by Lynnea Benson
Thursday, October 1 and the official opening performance will be on Sunday, October 4 at 3:00 PM. Performances will run thru October 25.

You'd think the quiet luxury of the Messina Estate would be the perfect tonic for Don Pedro (Moti Margolin) and his war weary battalion--sumptuous music, lovely ladies, and the charming Leonato (Kevin G. Shinnick) playing host. But the path to true love never runs smoothly in William Shakespeare's darkly funny Much Ado About Nothing.

Starring Ross Beshear as the confirmed bachelor Benedick, Kaitlin Large as the lovely, witty Beatrice, and Eric Doss as the inscrutable Dogberry, Much Ado About Nothing is a hilarious battle of the sexes. See it with someone who's trying to love you! (Photos by Kantu Lentz)


David Arthur Bachrach*, Anny Baquero, Ross Beshear*, Kyle Cheng, Nick Ciavarella, Lenny Ciotti, Dennis Demitry, Eric Doss*, Eric DySart*, Tyler Hollinger*, Vivien Landau*, Kaitlin Large, Dan Lendzian, Moti Margolin, Jean-Francois Ogoubiyi, Harry Oram, Hannah Owens, Joseph W. Rodriguez*, Kevin G. Shinnick*

*appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

Associate Producer/Production Stage Manager: Jenna Lazar

Scenic and Lighting Designer: Jak Prince

Costume Designer: Laura Taber Bacon

Choreographer: Tom Knutson

Original Music Composer: Ted Zurkowsk

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