““Ingenious… (Austin Pendlelton’s Claudius) is more convincing than any performance I can recall. "”
-  DJR Bruckner, The New York Times
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From the acclaimed FROG & PEACH THEATRE COMPANY, William Shakespeare’s psychological thriller of murder, intrigue and the supernatural, HAMLET.

Limited Engagement for this electrifying production
October 17-November 10, 2013
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30,
Sundays at 3 pm $18

The West End Theatre,
(above the Church of St. Paul/St. Andrew)
263 West 86th
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Tickets Always just $18 dollars!

Starring Brando Boniver as Hamlet, Jonathan Reed Wexler as Horatio, Vivien Landau as Gertrude, Brad Holbrook as Claudius, Eric Doss as The Ghost/Gravedigger, Alfred Gingold as Polonius, Megan McGarvey as Ophelia, Stephen Siano as Laertes, Ryan Dreyer as Osric, Philip Oros as Fortinbras, Roger Rathburn as The Player, Hamish Carmichael as The Captain, and featuring the lovely and diabolical Amy Frances Quint as Rosencrantz and audience favorite Ilaria Amadasi as Guildenstern.

Directed by Lynnea Benson

Music composed by Ian McDonald of KING CRIMSON and FOREIGNER.
Lighting Design by Dennis Parichy
Set Design by Andy Estep
Movement by Tom Knutson,
Combat Sequences choreographed by Marcus Watson.
Associate Producer-Christal Vassilyadi