““Constantly interesting,…surprising and disarming touches- make this new production of Hamlet well worth seeing””
-  Martin Denton nytheatre.com
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“Thank you for choosing to support The Frog & Peach Theatre Company. We want all our friends and supporters to know that The Frog & Peach Theatre Company is a non profit 501c3 organized in New York State. That means that for most people a donation to Frog & Peach is tax deductible (but you should check it out with your tax person just to make sure).

We’d like all of our friends and neighbors to come be a part of Frog & Peach. It’s a tremendous high to introduce people to the relevance, beauty, and tawdry cheap thrills of Shakespeare with our uniquely American productions. We want the excitement of Shakespeare to be a part of everyone’s life.

Every bit of your generous support goes toward bringing this special nourishment to the people of New York! Let us know that we’re important to you and your family by making a donation!

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