““By evening’s end, director ...and... ensemble have so touched the heart of the audience that, basking in the afterglow,, one has no doubt that all’s right with the world.”
-  John Martin, OOBR
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As You Like It

AS YOU LIKE IT Coming Soon: April 24-, 2020 Sheen Center Springtime, Sin, & Song! It’s As You Like It! Join the acclaimed Frog & Peach Theatre Company for As You Like It! A riotous, joyful comedy filled with music, murderous siblings, lust at first sight, and important tips on the perils of cross-dressing in the forest. […]

Frog & Peach Presents Twelfth Night

Celebrating more than 20 years of creating Shakespeare for everyone, Frog and Peach Theatre Company follows up their acclaimed production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with another classic comedy, TWELFTH NIGHT which begins performances Friday, February 22 and opens Monday, February 25 Frog and Peach transforms The Sheen Center Black Box Theater once again, this time […]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Frog & Peach Returns to The Sheen Center with Shakespeare’s Beloved A Midsummer Night’s Dream FEBRUARY: 1st-25th, 2018  “Frog & Peach is a jewel of Off-Broadway. You can’t find a more exhilarating evening than to join this troupe for a romp in the woods!” – Ronald Gross, NYTB Guide  The renowned Frog & Peach Theatre […]

Spirits of a Different Sort -Gala Event

Frog & Peach Theatre celebrates Fall with Spirits of a Different Sort. OPEN BAR, delicious food, and all-too-real visitations from Shakespeare’s scariest characters. Widely known for their HAUNTING productions of Shakespeare’s plays and STAR-STUDDED GALA READINGS, Frog & Peach kicks off the new season with Spirits of A Different Sort! Starring DAVID RASCHE (Veep, The […]